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Career Paper

             Johnny was raised on a farm, he grew up very poor.
             going to be a computer programmer when he grew up.
             not to get his hopes up because he would just be working on a farm the rest of his life.
             But Johnny was eager to become a computer programmer. He was fascinated with.
             computers and no one could stop his dream. So Johnny walked a mile to school everyday.
             and worked really hard at school and earned a full scholarship for his academic.
             excellence at a college only 3 miles away. So Johnny went on to college and became a.
             computer programmer and got married and lived happily ever after. Johnny is an.
             inspiration for me to become a computer programmer. I also am fascinated with.
             computers and a computer programmer would be a very suitable job for me. Computer.
             programming is a good paying job and something that I could definitely be capable of.
             Computer programmer analyst is a job that requires long eight to ten hour days in .
             front of a computer. Computer programmers write, test, and maintain the instructions, .
             called programs, that computers must follow to perform their functions. In order to be a .
             computer programmer one must be able to read many different computer languages in .
             order to complete the job such as Java, C++, COBOL, Prolog, etc. Different .
             programming languages are used depending on the purpose of the program. COBOL, for .
             example, is commonly used for business applications. So to be able to complete the tasks.
             of the job one should know the computer languages very thoroughly.
             Computer programmers today can make anywhere from 60,000 to 130,000 dollars.
             a year depending upon the diffuculty and importance of one's tasks. Larry Miller, a.
             computer programmer analyst whom I interviewed, makes about 100,000 dollars a year.
             In order to become a computer programmer analyst one will usually go through.
             four years of college, take many computer courses, and obtain a bachelor's degree or a.
             graduate degree. One also will need a certification in computer programming from.

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