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Relationships Between CS, Computer Literacy and CIS

             Differences and Relationships between Computer Science, Computer Literacy and Computer Information Systems.
             In order for us to understand the differences and relationships between computer science, computer literacy and computer information systems, the best approach is first to understand each of the terms. .
             Computer Science itself is a wide field, it is mathematics and logic, it is science, it is engineering, communication, and it is interdisciplinary (Nance & Naps, 1995). It is the field of computer hardware and software. It includes systems analysis & design, application and system software design and programming and data center operations (TechEncyclopedia). On the other hand, computer literacy is the understanding of computer hardware and software; how they function, and why they work. It is the social and ethical content of computing, the hardware components of a computing system the primary software components of a computing system, computer-user interaction and the use of application programs to aid in problem solving (Goldweber & Barr & Leska 1994). One must then understand that knowing how to use specific pieces of computer software is not the same as acquiring an understanding of computer science. Last but not least, computer information systems involve the design and maintenance of a combination of hardware and software, working with data, procedures and people, to provide managers with information to plan, control and manage business activities (Tom 1989). As in conclusion, computer science is the field that will generate software and hardware, which is needed in order to develop computer information systems and must be computer literate in order to maintain and use the systems.
             2. Differences between the three methods in obtaining information.
             The major differences between the three methods in accessing information is that obtaining information from library stacks requires user to be physically at the library and walking up and down the stairs while the other two methods will only require the usage of a computer with internet access and minimal knowledge of using a web browser.

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