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             "No Pass No Play" (NPNP) has been a controversial issue plaguing the educational system over the past decade. This rule enforces the idea that students must pass their classes in order to participate in sport-related, extra-curricular activities including band. Some students feel that the "NPNP" rule is biased, discriminatory and should not be intact, while others feel that it is an effective tool by motivating athletes to work hard in school, and not just on the field.
             The "NPNP" policy affects students who receive a grade below "70" in any academic class at the end of a grading period by hindering their participation in any athletic extra-curricular activity for at least three weeks. Although a student is ineligible to play, they may practice or rehearse for a game. A student can regain eligibility when the principle and teachers determine that he or she has earned a passing grade in all academic classes, other than those that are advanced, after the ineligibility period. Students who pass remain eligible until the end of the next grading period. Coaches are responsible for obtaining official grade reports from the individual students. The principle balances this process by checking the student's grades and verifying all participating athletes are in good academic standing.
             Dispute over this policy frequently involves athletes and non-athletes. Athletes are punished for performing below the par set by school administration while non-athletes are not accosted by the same policy. For example, a student who does not participate in any sports, but participates in intellectual and non-athletic, school-related competitions are not obligated by the "NPNP" policy. If they are representing the school in a language competition, or technology competition, or even a cosmetology hair show competition, an overview and satisfaction of their grades are required before participation.

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