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Hemingway paper

            Ernest Hemingway was the most widely known American author of his generation, and perhaps of all time. Although an expatriate, through his life and works he touched upon the feelings and needs of countless Americans that were lost in history. These people were and are no less American, just Americans that were changed and scarred by the events that they underwent. Evidence of Hemingway's brilliance and American ideals can also be evidenced by his incredible book sales and celebrity status, especially in America. Hemingway went to war for America, was critically injured fighting for America, and expressed himself in a way that a disillusioned American populous could relate to.
             Hemingway was taken with World War I and wound up driving an ambulance in the war (Meyers 27). This experience and the consequent injury he would receive from a mortar would have a huge effect on his life, outlook and writing. When Hemingway came back to America from the Italian front after the war was over, America just seemed to be boring and dull (Lost Generation 2). He once described where he grew up after he had come back from the war as "A place where people had wide lawns and narrow minds" (Lost Generation 2). Thus, he decided to go to Paris with his new wife Hadley, where he knew there was a more cosmopolitan lifestyle that for centuries had been a haven for aspiring writers (Meyers 42). The doldrums he was stuck in since his return to America was expressed exquisitely by Hemingway in his short story "A Soldier Home", through Nick, the main character and ex-soldier.
             "It isn't fun anymore. I feel as though everything has gone to hell inside of me. I don't know Marge. I don't know what to say.".
             "Isn't love any fun?" .
             "No," Nick said. Marjorie stood up. Nick sat there, his head in his hands. .
             In Paris Hemingway made a rendezvous with expatriates F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos, and Gertrude Stein.

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