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Ernest Hemingway

             "I always try to write on the principal of the iceberg there is seven-eights of it under water for ever part that shows. Anything you know you can eliminate and it only strengthens your iceberg. It is the part that doesn't show" (Smithsonian 1). Ernest Miller Hemingway used this theory in all of his novels, short stories, and also poetry. Hemingway is arguably perhaps the most influential writer or the twentieth-century. Hemingway's incredible capturing stories touch every emotion from despair to joyful happiness. Ernest Miller Hemingway has been, is now, and always will be remembered as one of the greatest writers of all time.
             Hemingway's works where influenced greatly by his family and his own life experiences. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in "Oak Park, Chicago on July 21, 1899 as the second of six children" (Hulse 1). As a child growing up Hemingway lived in a very strict household "disobedience was punished by a few lashes from a razor strap administered by his father, or a hairbrush from his mother" (Hulse 2). At the age of 12 Hemingway stated to develop an interest in writing, and slowly began his first attempts. Hemingway attended high school at "The Oak Park and River Forest Township High School" (Hulse 3). He seemed to have a natural ability to write and consequently he excelled in English all throughout high school, however he seemed to be very uninterested in most of his other subjects. Hemingway took up a post as a writer for his high school newspaper called the Trapeze; this is where he wrote his very first articles. Ernest Hemingway "graduated in 1917 and instead of going to college the following fall like his parents expected, he took a job as a cub reporter at the Kansas City star; the job was arranged by his Uncle Tyler who was a close friend with the chief editorial writer at the paper" (Wilson 2). Around the time which Ernest had graduated, World War I was rampant and the United States despite efforts to stay out of the war joined allies in the fight against Germany and Austria in April, 1917.

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