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Ernest Hemingway

             In The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, Santiago, an aging man, discovers that he must go far out to overcome many obstacles in his battle to prove everyone wrong. This famous novel shows many parallels between Hemingway and Santiago. Santiago is an old man out to catch his last fish while Hemingway is an older writer out to write his last successful novel. In The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway reveals aspects of his own life through symbolism and how going to far out may bring success or failure.
             In The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway shows how going out too far can lead to success or failure, through Santiago. For example, when Santiago and Manolin are talking, Santiago says he is going far out to catch his big fish (14). This quote shows that Santiago knows he must go far out and do what no one else has done to possibly achieve his goal. Just like Hemingway knew that if he was to be successful then he would have to write a modern novel. Although Santiago knows this is what he must do; however, he sometimes doubts whether it is the right decision. For example while the fish is tied to the skiff and the sharks are eating it Santiago says "I wish it were a dream and that I had never hooked him. I'm sorry about it, fish. It makes everything wrong" (110). This quote shows that he knows he must go far out, but even in your most successful moments, things can make you doubt whether it is right or wrong. By the end of the book Santiago knows he has made the wrong choice. For example, upon reaching the shore, Santiago is talking to himself about how he shouldn't have gone out so far (120). This shows that he believes he has failed by not reaching his goal. Hemingway shows us through Santiago that by going out too far the reader can succeed, fail and in someways do both, as did Santiago.
             Hemingway in this novel shows aspects of his own life through Santiagos expierences.

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