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Gatorade Case Study

             What are the strategic weaknesses that Gatorade must address in re-formulating its corporate marketing strategy?.
             Overall, it is my opinion that Gatorade has done an exceptional job in promoting its product to consumers. However, there are some strategic weaknesses that Gatorade must address in order to continue to be successful in the future. One area that Quaker Oats needs to really concentrate on is expanding its sells internationally. Gatorade has been successful domestically but has been severely challenged in the international markets. One reason why this challenge exists is that Quaker Oats does not have the experience and distribution channels that are necessary to compete in the international markets. One way to combat this challenge would be to form a joint venture with another company to open up the distribution channels.
             If Gatorade is looking to expand its market, other opportunities exist besides expanding internationally. Gatorade needs to make its product a household name meaning marketing their product outside of sports. Another area of weakness that I have observed is Gatorade's weak product differentiation. Quaker Oats needs to differentiate how Gatorade is superior to Powerade and All Sport. Gatorade has extensive research behind their product and they must capitalize on their research to expand their market.
             2. How would you assess the present marketing capability of Gatorade? Explain. .
             As mentioned above, Gatorade has done an exceptional job in marketing the product. In reading this case, it was hard to find areas that Gatorade need to improve on from a marketing perspective. They are reaching out and segmenting their markets appropriately i.e. sports teams, sponsoring sports medicine events, marathons, and dietary conventions. In addition, the company has formed a speaker's bureau, and distributes a bimonthly research review called Sports Science Exchange, which is distributed to coaches, educators, dieticians, and scientist.

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