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The Innovation of Driverless Vehicles

            The innovation age has led to major advancements in new technologies and facilities to society, and these developments have made a revolution in terms of the improvements of transportation. These improvements allow advances of driverless vehicles. It is defined as an autonomous vehicle, which the new technologies make the role of the human and it is not necessary an operator (Alam & Vlacic, 2011), it is also known as intelligent vehicle, unmanned vehicle or autonomous vehicles. This is a new technology that improve transport effects, such as security, productivity, social equity, environmental performance and network operation resilience which is used by different industries as automative, airline and railways, as noted by Fantechi, Flammini and Gnesi, (2014). This essay will examine strategies to develop transport sustainability in terms of driverless vehicles in the rail industry. It will discuss the application focusing on driverless rail system in France and Dubai. It will also outline negative impacts such as liability, unemployment, and high initial cost, and positive impacts, for instance, safety, less emissions of greenhouse gases and encouragement of alternative sources. Finally it will evaluate that is viable with some improvements on legislation, analysis and government support. .
             Rail industry is an efficient transportation system which allows the freight and public traffic in a safety way, and there are a number of strategies in order to advance this transport system a specially to advance in technologies of driverless vehicle. The first issue that has to be though is ensure the safety of passenger. In order to guarantee this, the first strategy suggested by Fantechi et al. (2014) should be done implementing interlocking systems. It is a central system that admits or avoids the routing of trains, it is made by a communication with a subsystem and this way the traffic of the train will be safety without human interference, (Fantechi et al.

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