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The Creek War and the War of 1812

            The Creek War was part of the War of 1812 between the United States and the British. It was started as a civil war where the natives of the Upper Creek fight against the Creek leaders in Mississippi Territory and later the United States get involve in July 1813. There were few backgrounds that started the war including the separation of the Creeks that became the Upper Creak and the Lower Creek, the large white settlement in the territory, and some economic problems within the tribe. The United States began to involve in the war after the attack in the Battle of Burnt Corn Creek and later the war ended on the Horseshoe Bend with the victory of the U.S. troops that were commanded by Andrew Jackson. This defeat resulted in the Treaty of Fort Jackson where the Upper Creek, the Red Sticks, forced to hand over around 20 million acres of land to America. After the war, Andrew Jackson became more popular as the hero and this helped him to win the president election in 1828. This victory also influences Jackson's decision about the Indian Removal Act in 1830.
             The conflict initially begins because of a different point of view within the Creek tribe. Some of them, the Lower Creek, were closer with the United States and the white settlers, and they did not have a problem about accepting American's culture and so on. However, the other Creek group, the Upper Creek, did not like the idea of expansion of the United States and the significant increase of white settlers in the native's lands. In the early encounter of the Upper Creek, many Creeks who did not side the war will be killed. Later, not only the Creeks, the Upper Creek warriors who were also known as the Red Sticks Warrior, started to attack the white settlers in the area. The British army armed these warriors, and later Spanish and Tecumseh started supporting them.
             The first encounter between the Red Sticks and the United States was known as the Battle of Burnt Corn Creek on July 27, 1813.

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