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Queen Christina of Sweden

            Queen Christina of Sweden was known as one of the most diverting women of her age. Best known for having a broad influence on European culture and her grand sponsorship of the arts. Christina was born on December 8th, 1626 to the King of Sweden, Gustav II Adolphus and Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg in Stockholm, Sweden. When Queen Christina was born, her mother was ultimately disappointed because she wasn't a boy; so she had little to nothing to do with her while growing up. However, her father ordered for Christina to be educated as if she were a prince. There have been reports that as a young infant, she accompanied her father on journeys. At the age of six, as the expected heiress, she took over from her father on the throne upon his death at the Battle of L├╝tzen, but didn't begin ruling until she reached the age of 18. .
             Christina was a lover of the arts. She highly admired paintings, books, manuscripts, and sculptures. She was also very intrigued by religion, philosophy, mathematics and alchemy. Which attracted many scientists to Stockholm, wanting the city of Stockholm to become the Athens of North Europe. Christina was a confident speaker as well of many languages including Italian, Spanish, Latin, German, and French. She was an intelligent, whimsical and fitful woman. She rejected the sexual role of a woman and decided not to marry. This was considered barbarous because women of the 1600s were considered to be the weaker sex, physically and emotionally. It was consistently viewed that women needed someone to take care of them. .
             Under her ruling, Sweden saw many new beneficial sources of evolution. Sweden printed its first newspaper in 1645, countrywide school ordinance, encouragement of science and literature. New privileges were given to the towns, trade, manufactures, and mining. All great strides for Sweden. Her first major assignment was to end the war with Denmark. She succeeded, Denmark handed over land to Sweden, which to this day still remain Swedish.

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