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Summary of Kroger Annual Reports

            Kroger was found to be the company of choice to analyze because I was curious as what their accounting records would look like for being such a large corporation. After analyzing the information contained within Kroger's income statements and balance sheet, I determined the company's total assets at the end of the 2014 annual reporting period to be $30,556.00. This is a decently large asset range, so Kroger is clearly a valuable company. The company's total assets are important because it shows the value of the company as well as equity owned that helps generate profit for the company. The previous annual reporting period end showed $29,281.00, which shows profit gain from one year to the next. Out of the total assets, the cash and cash equivalents at the end of the annual reporting revenue showed to be $655.00 but after further reading, I found that most transactions are dealt electronically and that cash profit isn't really retained throughout the company.
             The amount of accounts payable that Kroger had at the end of 2014's annual reporting period was $4,967.00, and at the end of 2013's annual reporting period was $4,683. Clearly the costs rise more when more money is made. The company's net revenues for the last three annual reporting period's show 2014 as $108,465.00, 2013 as $98,375.00, and 2012 as $96, 619.00. This shows a steady increase by year which is the proof of profit each year. The change in dollars in the company's net income from its 2014 annual reporting period from the 2013 annual reporting period is a difference of $1,519.00.
             The Kroger Company's total current assets at the end of the 2014 annual reporting period was $701 of January 2015 concluding 2014's annual reporting period. The total current assets at the end of the 2013 annual reporting period was $704.00 as of February 2014 which concluded that of 2013 annual reporting period. .
             All of the above information about the Kroger Company would be extremely beneficial to know to potential investors for several different reasons.

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