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Car Thieves Vandalize, Steal National Guardsmen's Cars

            Upon arrival back from training to serve our country, National guardsmen find their cars wrecked, with things stolen from them, or stolen. 26 cars had smashed windows, and while only one was stolen, the thieves left more than clear evidence that they had attempted to steal others. .
             A specific officer, Private Jeremy Vaught, who had just returned from his National Guard duty, came home to find his car not in the place in which he had left it. Unlike last time, when his car was actually stolen, he was luckier. The thieves attempted to steal it and go up a hill with it, but at the top of the hill it got stolen. Although they still managed to take the radio and the amp out of the car. .
             The main problem now is the cost of the damages. Unit leaders of the Cincinnati Police Department told 9news that the officers would have to cover a majority of the damage fees. But with the majority of the men getting ripped off it is not an easily forgotten event. Of many angered officers, here is what one man had to say: "This is while we"re away, training to defend our country," says Lt. Colonel Jim Scott Green, "we"re being victimized by people during that time period.".
             Meanwhile, the police are investigating a surveillance camera from a nearby Krogers that might have evidence of these car theft and break-ins. As another piece of evidence the police found scraps of clothing on a fence between the Krogers and the battalion's headquarters. .
             I believe that the officers should not have to pay for the damages done to their personal property. This being because when everyday we are needing more and more soldiers, we have men who are off training to be those back-ups, to be those last couple hundred we need to finish off a battle. And although I don't agree with war itself, I believe that when our country seems to be engaged in that sort of thing, that we need the proper troops and materials to back ourselves up.

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