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Three Perspectives on Pocahontas

            The narrative document, "The General History of Virginia" by John Smith, and the drama called "The Indian Princess" by Nelson Barker, including the third film "Pocahontas" all share the same ideal theme of 17th century English settlers coming to the New World. There were many different reasons for the settlers coming to the New world. some decided to travel the distance in hopes of gaining religious freedom. Others came in search for new land to proclaim as theirs to later encounter the Indian tribes that were there before them. And many had came in search for riches to find great treasure and become wealthy. These events let to the beginning of a colony called Jamestown that had been located in Virginia. John Smith led the expedition for King James. While on this adventure, he encountered several Native Americans and Pocahontas, the daughter of the tribe's leader. In the pieces of text, the authors point of views all have a very strong similarity to Smiths story but show many differences as well. Overall, the authors conceived ideas to the relationship between Pocahontas, and the other Native Americans can be described as the unfamiliarity of diverse races. .
             To begin with, "The General History of Virginia" the plot of basic facts although do not change drastically follow a different route. In this story John comes to this new land with his crew on a quest for gold and treasure. This is his mission that he would have to complete for his king. John smith writes this story in third person. He writes about being attacked by Indians. In this version Pocahontas is just a child. This takes the more gruesome road as John talks about his crew being murdered by the tribe and the battle for their life. This follows the same plot as "The Indian Princess". But these two stories differ because they do not talk about John Rolfe which is an extra love interest shown in "The Indian Princess".

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