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Halloween Costumes and Fashion

            Halloween 2004 came around when I was in second grade. I was preparing myself for that Sunday night all month long. My mother told me she wanted me to get creative and make the costume myself, so I did just that. Halloween was the one time of year where somebody's fashion and creativity is different than everyone else's. I decided that I wanted to be something every child has been before; a ghost. I chose to be a ghost because I did not have much material to work with and I thought cutting two holes into a sheet would be an easy task. My seven year old self found out that it was not. Of course, I had to cut a third eyehole because the first two were off alignment so I was off to a bad start. Also with my costume I failed to consider the fact that the sheet had nothing else to fasten it to the rest of my body but my head. Therefore, I had to rely on my hair to have enough friction to support it and keep the eye holes in place. That was unfortunate because I was going up and down the stairs of the apartment building all night long, going from door to door. My sheet must have come off my head at least 100 times. I nearly tripped and busted my teeth out. .
             I was always so excited for Halloween, it was my favorite holiday and I am sure you could guess why; free candy. With it being my favorite I wanted to take my costume to the next level. Around this time, my age had me all curious about make-up and trying new looks with it. It was my goal to be the scariest ghost on the block so I put on heavy black eyeshadow and eyeliner all around my eyelids. Halloween that year was warm and sunny, the night ended with me exhausted from running up and down the stairs and my intense black eye make-up running down my face into my mouth and on my white sheet. Imagine how much scarier I looked after that. Kids have wild imaginations, and Halloween night allows them to bring a character to life and play the part.

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