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The Sims

             A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the Maxis game, "The Sims." At first, it did not catch my attention; I always thought computer games were for people who did not have a life, but after a couple of tries, I found myself falling in love with this ingenious game. This particular program consists of characters that you have to build from scratch, give them a personality and control their lives; basically, you feel like God and the Devil playing the Sims. Now, after two years of playing, and following every single update, I have managed to add on almost 5,568 new objects, and people to my game. This vast collection has taken me endless nights of download frenzy in front of the computer. For me, and thousands of Sims fans, the game is more than a hobby. In some cases, an expensive one, since some of the websites with the updates for the Sims, whether is objects or skins (the Sims clothing), will charge up to 20 dollars per month in subscriptions. I am ashamed to admit, but I have become one more of the thousands and thousands of people who must play this game, and must buy the expansion packages. There is no question about it, The Sims have become my life and my future. My friends always ask me about my fascination with this game, and my answer are these top 10 reasons:.
             1) Creating the characters. They could be fictitious or maybe people you know. Movie stars" faces like Halley Berry and Brad Pitt, have become the favorite picks for creating a couple of Sims. The maximum number of people that you can have in each family is eight. I can create someone with long hair, or short hair; If, I prefer them to be thin, fat, blondes, brunettes, red heads, etc. .
             2) Choosing the clothing. This is the most interesting choice of the program, since I have to match their personality with the way they dress, in my collection, I have all the fashion trends, and old ones as well.

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