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Organizational Concepts of Human Resorce Management

            Human Resource Management has over the years been propelled as a primary business function for continued organizational competitiveness by such factors such as changing societal values, global nature of competition, constant revisions of employment law and new and ever dynamic employee expectations among others. The emergence of Human Resource Management as a solution for integrating people management and business strategy has exhibited personnel practitioners to the new set of management expectations, role demands and professional challenges (Losey, Meisinger, and Ulrich, 2005).
             The ethical implications of these expectations and demands and are significant and need to be extensively analyzed. The essential factors that determine the success of an organization are the quality of the people employed, human resource or employers. As a result, consultants must ensure that effective method, procedures, processes, and practices are applied in the resourcing of employees (Sims, 2007).
             So as to carry out this task effectively, a researcher ought to adopt an approach that will allow him or her to pinpoint the law collaborating the workers resourcing process and analyze the impact the law has on this process; evaluate how key stages of the employee resourcing process support strategic human resource management; Analyse an employee resourcing process in an organization and evaluate its share to the strategic human resource management function within that organization; and analyze the dynamic ways of choosing so as to back the strategic human resource management taking into account their limitations and objectives (Beer, 1985).
             Cultural issues that need to be addressed.
             Cultural diversity in the workplace is a used to refer to the broad range of differences among individuals in an organization. These differences may be based on sex, race, ethnicity, age, personality, sexual orientation, cognitive style, education, social status and gender.

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