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Concepts of Human Resource Management

             Nowadays, companies are resorting to automate almost all of the processes that can be possibly done by system tools or machines. However, there is still part of the processes that needs to be done by the humans. In this case, a lot of factors needs to be done. These includes trainings, surveys, incentives, utilization trackers and the likes. Let's say for an instance, a process that needs collaboration that requires a group meeting however, people involved are too busy and are multi-tasking to finish all the workload, in this case we can utilize tools such as web-meeting, net-conferencing, bridging, or even skype. To ensure that those tools are being used by the folks within the organization, utilization trackers has to be implemented as well. People within your organization perhaps has the ability and knowledge to create trackers on excel, encrypted to avoid manipulations. This trackers can measure the tool utilization. To reward the team effort, scorecards based on the metrics and utilization trackers can be use to give incentive to the employees. .
             Moreover, if you really want this to be implemented successfully, training and support team needs to monitor the activities. This will help the organization be in track on the goal. Metrics and analytics team needs to cooperate as well to provide insight if changes and additional process training for a particular usage of a tool is effective to improve the speed, quality and work behavior of each and every employee. Teamwork is a significant factor as well for the success, helping each other to expedite the learning of every team member. Some of the team members might be resistant to this kind of changes, in cases like this, we need to provide them the advantages and the possible edge of this new skill for their career growth. On the part of the management, they also need to consider the insight and feedbacks of the members to know if those newly introduced tools are helpful and if they are comfortable with it.

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