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The Other Side of the Spectrum for Teenage Boys

            In discussions of teenage parenthood, one controversial issue has been ignored for far too long and that would be the focus on teenage fathers. The main focus usually has long been revolved around the life of a young lady in her teens, however I'd like to bring to more people's attention that there are young men who are also in their teens with a child or children. Let's have a look at this one guy named John Wand, he was one guy who ended up becoming a father in his teenage years. This young man was able to balance both his education and parenthood. One day he found out that his high school sweetheart was pregnant, he then got married to her during the summer after their senior year in high school, and the two moved together from Boise, Idaho, to Cambridge, Mass where their son was born. But his new wife soon left him to raise their son and handle Harvard on his own (Zauzmer). Wand is one of many young men who have successfully succeeded in both his academic goals and parenthood. But what is known about young men who become fathers is often sketchy and sometimes misunderstood (Macaluso). Through my research of the way society perceives the teenage male as a father, I have concluded that there needs to be a new perspective on how teenage males are perceived as fathers. That new perspective is that they're are as capable as anyone at raising a child and reaching their goals and maintaining everything else around them.
             According to these articles, "An Undergraduate Dad" and "I am going to be a dad" they both affirmed that the father of a child would be more than happy to be a part of their child's life. A report done by practitioners, most notably midwives and antenatal parent educators, they reported that there seems to be a significant number of young men quite willing to be involved in the lives of their babies, but little appropriate help for them to achieve this goal (Father & Child).

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