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Narrative Essay - Focus on the Positives

            Being a young, only 19 years of age, curious man keen to understand and explore the world, when my grandmother enlightened me with the possibility of backpacking throughout Spain I historically decided to venture off into Europe. I was oblivious to the entirety of the world and all the beauty it has to offer, little did I know how much traveling would increase my understanding of life beyond my perspectives. Spain offered scenic views, smells, dances beyond my comprehension. Vast endless rolling mountains, vibrant green forests, engaging locals and wildlife. Thinking of Spain accumulates a thousand memories. However, out of many amazing memories I gather as I reminisce, there is one I will never forget. .
             I was about half way done with my packing trip and found myself in a small village called Los Accros somewhere in the countryside of Spain after a long days trek of 30km. Nothing seemed truly intriguing at first glance of the village. It was surrounded with waves of lush gardens and wheat fields whistling the sound of peace. The village only had fifteen complexes throughout and about 60 people in population. My bed for the night was placed in a small wooden brick hut runned by Nuns. Surrounding me were many other travelers there for the night. After a long day I decide to rest my eyes for a moment. I awake after being asleep for four hours to a beautiful sunset, one capable of capturing a thousand souls. I took this time to enjoy the remaining moments of such a breathtaking sunset far out in the outskirts of the village along a hill of plentiful grass. .
             An unknown fellow hiker accompanies me very suttle-like. .
             "Amazing isn't it?" a raspy older voice unfamiliar voice says. .
             "indeed" I reply "I am Alex, what is your name?".
             The unfamiliar character replies "Patty, nice to meet you, mind if I enjoy this view with you?" .
             I do I fact is what I really wanted to say, I wanted to use this time as a personal individual growing point, to reflect on my life.

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