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Love and Aids - Aids Education Medium

            Aids is an epidemic that has taken over South Africa. People need to be educated about this deadly virus and there are many ways in which this education can take place. In the article the authors state that education is an important strategy for limiting the spread of the Aids epidemic. Education in the form of pamphlets, Aids outreach programmes, seminars, and posters are all necessary tools that have been used to help stop the virus from being spread. In this article the researchers are evaluating whether or not the comic "Love and Aids", developed by the former Johannesburg City Health, is an effective educational medium. The main purpose if this research was to establish whether the information put into this comic was an appropriate educational medium for adults and how much of this information did the reader retain. This was important to find out in order to help decision makers with their planning of educational intervention programs. The researchers were interested in this topic, because of the implications the Aids virus has on society. If these comics help educate individuals about how to practice safe sex, then the spread of Aids would be contained and people would be safer. (page 16).
             This article does state clearly what the research questions are and who these questions were aimed at; the research article can be classified and put into the critical paradigm. This is because the researcher sees reality as shaped by social, political, cultural, economic and other dynamics. Critical researchers want change to take place, therefore they set out to critique and transform. This is what is happening in this research article, the researcher is trying to transform the educational medium for which Aids education is being spread in townships and rural communities. Initially the researchers chose a random group of patients from the residents of Alexander. These patients were aged between 15-40, but unfortunately this group did not work out, they were nervous and did not read the material given to them.

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