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Control the Language and Control the Masses

            Language nowadays is one of the most effective ways that changes human actions and thoughts. Although it is considered to be the formal language that being used to communicate every day, each word has "its own particular emphasis, a specific definition, and a subtle yet distinct connotation" that implies a whole lot of meanings as stated in "Control the Language, Control the Masses" by Pieter Vree. Surprisingly, this technique has been used so many times throughout history to control the people and threaten them to a certain point where they have no freedom of speech but to follow what they are being asked to do. According to the book "1984" written by George Orwell and the short article "Control the Language, Control the Masses", the effect of the use of language has rationalized the people's thoughts of rebellion against each other and limits their choices of being self-independent.
             Great language often gives people the potential to believe in what it said and the tendency to eliminate all the ideas of our own thoughts without any doubtful to trust in other. This may be hard to accomplish unless there might be some tricks, violence actions or any kind of threaten forces that actually make the people to follow it. Alinsky, once had said that, "He who controls the language controls the masses." His ideas has been passed on and been used throughout history from the early 1900s to WWII to many books and novels today that still publishing to emphasize the underlying messages about violence through controlled languages. Winston in "1984" had observed the ironic language that been used by Newspeaker, which is called doublethink, to gain power from the people:.
             WAR IS PEACE.
             FREEDOM IS SLAVERY .
             IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH (17).
             One of the famous dictatorships in the history of World War II that has threatened so many people's lives in the Holocaust as well as known for his Nazi Party of Germany is Adolf Hitler.

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