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Mechanisms of Homeostatsis

            The human body is made of trillions of cells. These cells work together to help the organisms maintain a stable working environment efficiently, and effectively. The cells, tissues and organs function differently however, these cells are similar when obtaining metabolic needs. The cells go through an important system called homeostasis. This stabilizes, balances, and has a constant control adjusting the internal and external conditions of the cells. These special cells are surrounded in fluid, called variables, that provides oxygen, nutrients and bodily chemicals to help remove waste that passes through the tissues between the cells and the internal systems. .
             The mechanisms of homeostasis occurs when the external environment changes; the body either sweats or shivers to keep the internal temperature close to the set point (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit). In reality, these mechanisms aren't able to keep this temperature at a precise level so it produces a normal range of 98.4 to 98.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps the cells become balanced since they are constantly changing to adjust to the external environment. .
             Homeostasis is controlled by a stimulus or a change variable, that can detect and respond to any changes in the external environment and it has two important feedback systems, negative and positive feedback. Negative feedback is most common in the body's system acts as a reversal. It has three simple components: receptor, control center, and the effector. First, the receptor is the chemical signal that detects when the stimulus is disrupting the body. The control center receives that information and decides which factor should be protected and the effector takes the signal to the control center to change the variable by making many adjustments to have the body temperature stable again. A good example of a negative feedback would be controlling glucose by insulin. When the blood sugar rises, the receptors sense a change in the body.

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