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Homeostasis and Feedback Mechanisms

             Before we can refer to the two different Feedback Mechanisms as it relates to Homeostasis, we first have to define and discuss the meaning of the word Homeostasis. The word Homeostasis is described as the body's ability to maintain relatively stable internal conditions even thought the outside world changes continuously. A Physiologist in the early twentieth century, talked about certain "wisdom of the body", calling it Homeostasis. This man's name was Walter Cannon. The body needs to communicate to its different parts to maintain Homeostasis. This communication is mainly sought through by the endocrine and nervous systems. These systems use hormones or even nerves to transport electrical impulses to each different organ of the body. .
             There are two different Feedback Mechanisms in our body. The most common.
             control mechanism is called the Negative Feedback Mechanism. In this mechanism, "the output system shuts off the original stimulus or reduces its intensity."" The negative feedback mechanism causes whatever is happening to change in the opposite direction, so it returns to its model value or homeostasis. A good example of this is a heater system in a home connected to a thermostat. When the house becomes to cold, the thermostat detects it, and turns on the heater. Making it go the opposite way. .
             The other Feedback Mechanism in our body is obviously called the Positive.
             Feedback Mechanism, being the opposite of the Negative Feedback Mechanism. .
             Don't let the name "Positive"" fool you, this Feedback Mechanism is.
             anything but positive. "This feedback mechanism is said to be "positive.
             because the change that occurs proceeds in the same direction as the initial.
             disturbance, causing the variable to deviate further and further from its.
             original value. This Positive Feedback mechanism isn't as common as the.
             Negative Feedback, which is good since it usually disrupts homeostasis.

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