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Personal Behavior Analysis

            Behavior is a trait of personality of an individual. It is how a person reacts to a given situation. Every day, we come across various situations where we would have reacted in ways that come naturally to us. Basically, man is a social being. He is made up of different attitudes and abilities that make him different from others. There are good attitudes that make him presentable and worthy of attention and respect. There may be ugly attitudes also that needed to be changed to a more pleasant one. Weird attitudes are also included in a person that makes him unique despite being crazy for having it. The following analysis and recommendations are for my own behaviors that were observed by others, by me and by the result of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. .
             According to what others observed, I have lots of good behavior. She/He said that I am friendly, faithful to God, gentle, kind-hearted, fun to be with, full of determination, optimistic, straightforward and generous. I'm really thankful that someone thinks that I have these good qualities in me which I also think I possessed. But two of the listed good qualities are not quite rights since I'm not fun to be with and full of determination. Anyway, it's her/his observation. My ugly attitudes according to others are being moody, wants to be obeyed always, immediately get irritated when something happens wrong, afraid to be alone, and sometimes self-centered. The bad points he/she had observed are true since I'm really like that. I really do change my mood easily especially when people make situations that will make me moody. Sometimes, these attitudes suddenly appear even though I don't mean it to happen. The weird behaviors she detected were being a big fan of K-POPS, fond of collecting K-POP pictures and accessories, and being an eccentric person.
             For my own observation, I think my strongest point is that I can be your best friend because when I am your friend, I am really loyal and true to my friends.

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