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Psychological Analysis

             Paragraph 1- Module 1A on Psychology Perspectives and Ethics in Research.
             In this section, we discussed different psychological perspectives, careers in the psychological field, and ethics involved in psychology. There are many different perspectives we discussed such as the biological (understanding biological processes), socio-cultural (customs), humanistic (human capacity for growth and choice), cognitive (how people process, store, and retrieve information and how it's used to reason and solve problems.), psychodynamic (the importance of the unconscious mind), and behavioral (study of observable behavior and external factors), and each of these are involved in the way psychologists approach the study of human behavior. I addressed these in the Outrageous Celebrity Assignment by applying them to the wild behaviors of Manny Ramirez on and off the baseball field. Afterwards, we discussed the diverse and varied careers involved in psychology such as psychiatrists (has medical license and can prescribe) and psychologists (has degree and researches and works). However, I'm definitely most interested in sports psychology (as shown in the forum) since they help athletes deal with failure, anxiety, and preparation, which is something I had to deal with as an athlete. Lastly, this module discussed ethics in psychology like informed consent, confidentiality, and personal bias, and these are definitely areas I need to improve on in everyday life especially in regards to my own personal biases that sometimes get the best of me.
             Paragraph 2- Module 1B on Research Methods and Evaluation.
             Module 1B was all about Experimental Methods, Statistics, and Evaluation of Research. In the statistics section, we discussed terms involved with sorting data such as mean (average), median (distribution above and below 50 percent of the other scores), mode (most frequent), range (highest number-lowest number), and standard deviation (difference of a set of scores from their mean), which also are very useful when discussing data for collecting info and data in surveys.

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