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Research Paper - Cloud Computing

            Although cloud computing was first introduced in the 1950s, it's importance of storing digital files online and providing access to it everywhere has become particularly evident over the last decade. Cloud computing can provide access to many daily life services, such as banking, education and business through the use of mobile phones. Cloud computing solves many daily problems and makes sharing any type of data much easier. Cloud computing shares data through the Internet, which makes it easier for anyone to have access to data. Although cloud computing has many advantages, there are also many disadvantages. Many businesses use cloud computing to get access to various types of data that would benefit them in making their business better and generate maximum profit. .
             The idea of cloud computing was first introduced in 1950, when the mainframe computing was first created (Kenneth, 2012). Its purpose was to allow multiple users have access to mainframe. Since the cost to buy and maintain mainframes was expensive, it wasn't very smart of an organization to buy and maintain one for every employee. Also, individuals did not need the large storage and processing power that mainframes provided. After couple years, the concept of Virtual Machine came, which made it possible to execute one or more operating systems simultaneously in an isolated environment. Virtual Machines took mainframes computing to next level, permitting multiple distinct computing environments to reside on one physical environment. After couple decades cloud computing became extremely powerful, since the 1990s Internet started to offer significant bandwidth, which made it possible to maintain huge amount to storage outside of personal hard drive.
             Many people don't know what is actually cloud computing and how does it work? "Cloud computing refers to a model of computing that provides access to a shared pool of computing resources (computers, storage, applications, and services), over a network, often the Internet.

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