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Short Story - Journey on the Road

            The discordant symphony of battle cries between low-riding beasts-honking and screeching-faded into a dull lull in the back of my consciousness as the car peeled away from the towering metal creatures and its prowling counterparts with glaring white orbs and incessant growls-a peculiar lullaby which dragged the curtains lower over my eyes. The further I traversed away from the heart of the war, the shorter those metallic creatures became. What amazed me was the existence of other types of said creatures. There were some whose scales were translucent to the point where its dinner, poor human victims could be seen in its digestive tract.
             Rubber tires softly embraced unpaved road as the flaring lights transcended into glistening twinkles, a mirror of the skies above. Wistfully, I stared out of the many mouths of my ride with half-lidded olive orbs, the glistening specks of diamonds greeting me with flirty winks. God's blanket-fabric that was an unfathomable deep blue with intricate patterns of sequins sewn in-was pulled across the horizon as he nestled deep beneath the duvets, soon to call it a day. The almost obsidian cloth fondly reminded me of my mother's velvet coat.
             The chaos seemed so far behind now as the steady hum of my ride became distinctively audible in the pin-prick silence. The land outside had become barren and still, save for furry little animals such as rabbits and a lone squirrel scurrying back to their homes with arms and mouths full of feed, diligently stocking up on food to last them through the season. Rolling down one of the windows, I was greeted with a gust of cold air and shrieked in surprise. My voice ricocheted off naked trees whose leaves rustled to cover themselves, scaring a lovely pair of magpies from their nest as they took off into the air in a flurry of rapidly beating wings. Rabbits released the twigs and conifer needles clenched in their twitchy mouths and scampered hurriedly into their burrows.

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