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Effective and Ineffective Parenting Styles

            Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, finical and intellectual development of a child from either infancy to adulthood. Parenting doesn't means that everything a kid does you have to be involve or do it for them. A kid should learn to be independent .Growing up as a kid in Jamaica you learn what's wrong from what's right because you learn from you siblings mistakes while being a parent you should rule the household with an iron fist, you should show love and let them fare you also ( If you give he/she an inch they will take a mile that were fears come in meaning that the kid would not go overboard because they know the consequences) A parent should promote a positive lifestyle in the household a positive lifestyle is good for a child because a parent is considered as a role module because kid live what the learn. .
             For example if a child hears his parents cursing or using vulgar language the child is more likely to use it himself likewise, if the child sees his parents working hard to making a good living, they are more likely to work hard to achieve the same thing even if the child lives neighborhood that is poverty ridden without any resources he/she can still make it because of how they were parented. A parents should not spoil their child by showering them with gifts and doing everything for them. This allow the child not to have a drive to pursue anything because he/she can depend on mommy and daddy for money etc. and not wanting to be independent. .
             Based on my experiences parenting in Jamaica and America are very different in many ways my professor told me about his grandson that they were at the park and he was ready and told him to put on his shoes and he said no long story short he had to explain to his grandson what might happened if he doesn't wear is shoes if that was me with my mother or father it would be different my mom would give me just a look and you know the meaning (ass-whooping) and if it was my father he wouldn't have to ask me to put my shoes on it would already be on.

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