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William Penn and the Creation of Pennsylvania

            William Penn is a historical figure who is notorious for the assembly of Pennsylvania. Most people have little to no knowledge of William Penn beyond that fact .Despite Penn's variant life and hardships he had many accomplishments that had an incredible amount of influence in early America. Penn's life significantly differed from most at the time which lead him to many achievements throughout his life. William Penn was born in London in 16441. He was named after his father Sir William Penn. His father was an admiral for the British Navy during the English Civil war. His mother Margaret Jasper was a very wealthy widow prior to marrying his father. Margaret inherited her wealth from her prosperous father who was a merchant. Right around the time William Penn was born; Admiral Penn was promoted to Captain of the Royal Navy as a reward from King Charles II for his services. He never really got to see his son grow up since he was always at sea. Penn graduated from Oxford and even though he took great interest in literature he went on to study Law2. Penn moved to Ireland to live and take care of the land his father received from Oliver Cromwell for his services. There he made the acquaintance of some Quakers and took interest in their lifestyle. The Quakers belief resembles those of Christianity and believed that everyone is equal under God no matter race, sex, or ethnicity3.
             Although Penn had prior knowledge about the religion before moving, he then decided to adopt Quakerism. Penn's father heard about this and was very angry. He was afraid it could upset his naval rank since the King Charles II was opposed to Quakerism. Penn returned home shortly after embracing his new religion. Sir William Penn was so mad about his sons conversion he kicked him out of his home. Penn was taken in by other Quakers and became the leader of "The Society of Friends." This was a group of Quakers that informed and encouraged people to learn about religion.

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