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Chesapeake and Pilgrim Settlers

            Although the Chesapeake and New England colonies were both settled by people of the English origin, by the 17th century, both of these colonies had established distinct societies. Both colonies had come to the New World to flee their dominating motherland of England, but what they fleeing from and what they were seeking varied; their social, economic, political, and religious diversities were profound. However, despite the intentions and lifestyles of the colonies' being so different, both groups were similar in their need to separate themselves from their overbearing motherland as well as the various struggles they had faced. Both the Chesapeake and New England colonists' yearn to separate themselves from their native land of England was equally similar, their motivating factors to migrate to the New World were not; as.
             well the English population that immigrated and resided in each differed greatly. Although religious faith.
             and economic success was an important factor throughout all of England and it's American colonies,.
             Chesapeake and New England prioritized one over the other.
             The Chesapeake settlers, founded the first English settlement of Jamestown with the hunger for wealth. A group of British investors titled the Virginia Company, were the first Englishmen to arrive upon the New world. This group of Englishmen had the ambition of expanding English commerce amongst the international trade market with the various new goods accessible in the New World, thus increasing the wealth in England as well as across the Atlantic in the colonies. The Chesapeake's measure of success was financially based, and their goal was to establish a wealthy colony. However, their.
             economic success did not come easily, upon the first colonists' arrival they were faced with foreign diseases of their new land and faced starvation as a result. The initial settlers were a group of gentlemen whom had never known what a hard day's work really was.

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