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Core Values of Nursing

            I believe a life dedicated toward improving the lives of others is truly the most meaningful commitment I can make to myself and society. The desire to help others and support the overall well-being of people serves as my motivation to enter the field of nursing. Over the past two years, my high school Allied Health program has afforded me the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals to deliver direct patient care. I have actively participated in environments such as the Emergency Room, Medical Surgery floor at a hospital, a nursing home and an Outpatient Clinic to provide care, treatment and education to patients. In addition, I have been exposed to the healthcare profession as the family member of a loved one who receives these medical services as my dad suffers from various health conditions such as Melanoma, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. .
             Throughout my experiences in the medical field, I find it difficult to depict only one individual who has inspired me to abide this type of framework is integral to patient care as we know it. I am extremely fortunate to have a similar support system at home. I have a close family that offers me strength, encouragement and assistance when I need it and vice-versa. I am grateful for this blessing, but realized it is not representative of many individuals. I wanted to experience life in an environment with which I was not familiar and to understand the ways in which we can best serve those in need. I volunteered with a group of students at a local nursing home. There, I met Mary. She was bright, had a boldly infectious smile and a thirst for caring. Mary was bedridden and unable to take care of her own basic needs. She often spoke of her son who was unable to visit regularly because of financial constraints. I wanted so badly to help, to pay for her family to be able to visit, to do what I could to alleviate her suffering, but options were limited in the nursing home.

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