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Different Viewpoints of Abortion

            The topic abortion covers a wide range of aspects, in this essay, two groups will be presented. The pro-choice group who argue that a woman has the right to abortion, because it is her body hence she has the freedom to do whatever she wants; and the pro-life group who argue that abortion should not be permitted because it is classed as murder and disregards the rights of the baby to experience life.
             Abortion is scientifically defined as the termination of a pregnancy after contraception which involves destruction of the embryo or foetus. For this reason, it is a very controversial subject to most individuals. For many years now, many people with different life situations have different opinions about abortion. Many advocates of abortion say that it should be legal because the baby is not really a human being deserving legal protection, and it is fine under certain circumstances. Rape may be a special case to consider, however some argue that it is completely wrong and should be strongly banned regardless of whatever reasons or circumstances the woman may have; as long as it doesn't cause her physical well-being to be unstable leading to multiple of complications. The argument about when life actually begins has always been a debatable issue between individuals. From a scientific view it is believed that life begins well before contraception - two individuals of the opposite sex come together and create a new life. However, it is also to be acknowledged that there some groups of scientists who believe that life doesn't fully begin until a certain stage of development, which is, at least until day 14 after conception. The 14 day embryo theory has been criticised by the Catholic Church, because from their perspective it is genuinely believed that the embryo has been granted to life during to the stage of contraception and therefore must be treated as a person. This is the reason why they are strongly against any woman committing abortion.

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