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New and Old Bloom's Taxonomy

            The original taxonomy was broken up into two areas; the Cognitive, and the Affective. The Cognitive domain deals with knowledge acquisition, and intellectual knowledge. The cognitive domain is split up into six categories comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The Affective domain deals with feelings, emotions, attitudes, and mindset. The Affective category is split into five categories receiving, responding to, valuing, organizing, and characterizing information. The original cognitive domain is generally introduced in the form of a pyramid. From the base of the pyramid up the levels of information go from lower level to higher level nearest to the top.
             From the Time of the Original Taxonomy to the Time it was Edited.
             There had been a shift to more standards-based education, an infusion of constructivist philosophy into the educational practice, other's forms of the taxonomy, theories of multiple intelligences, advances in neuroscience, newer technologies were emerging as were skills, information on procedural learning was advancing, and advances in the understanding of metacognition; such as feeling and emotion in behavior. All of this had called for a revision in the older model. The only original member from the first group of authors to help re-write Bloom's Taxonomy was David Krathwohl. The revised version was an amalgamation of the three most popular forms of taxonomies at the time, and the fifty years of research from the time gap in both official taxonomies. .
             The Revised Version of Bloom's Taxonomy. .
             The revised version was no longer formatted in a triangular model, but in a more grid like format. Going across the top of this chart are the words Cognitive Process Dimension and directly underneath is a bar with the new categories. The categories are in this order: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating. In the revised model knowledge is conceived as remembering, while in the older model it was the first step of Bloom's Taxonomy or a static area.

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