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Film Analysis - The Red Balloon

            The Red Balloon (French: Le Ballon rouge) is a fantasy film about friendship. Friendship is a bond between people that requires trust, loyalty and respect. A friendship requires a lot of time and hard work to obtain an everlasting bond. A relationship can come in many different shapes and forms, and sometimes even with material things like we see in the film. .
             As the boy begins to play with his new toy, he begins to build a bond and sees the toy as more than just an object and as a friend. Throughout the film we see a friendship struggle being built and chased after, between the boy and the red balloon. In the beginning of the film we see how much the boy cares for the red balloon, when he is told he cannot get into the bus with the balloon, he decides to run to school instead. The boy didn't want to leave the balloon behind, as he couldn't leave his friend's side. As the film progressed the boy started to show that he cared for the balloon greatly, when the boy was protecting the balloon from the rain by putting him under strangers umbrellas. Throughout the film we see an everlasting loyalty in between the boy and the balloon. This can be seen as the boy stays by the balloons side no matter where he goes. Personally in life I believe in the quote "Life is nothing without friendship" - Cicero to be true. Shown in the part when a man at school grabs the boy and locks him in a room, the balloon then follows the man around town to annoy him to get him back to school to get the boy out of the room. Towards the end of the film we get to really see the true bond the boy has with the balloon, when the balloon dies we see the boy fighting the bullies to protect the balloon regardless of the fact he was outnumbered but the boy stayed with his balloon friend until the end. I believe a true friend will never give up on the relationship or bond they have with you. Thats what makes a friend so valuable and worth it in life, and at times a friend can be all life is worth.

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