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Being an Outsider

            The feeling of being an outsider haunts almost all of us. Being an outsider is an unpleasant feeling that most, if not all people have experienced. In today society it's hard not to feel like an outsider. For example, a person's race will affect how others will identify you, also you can be an outcast among co-workers, starting a new job and not knowing anyone or not knowing how to do anything. In my case it was about moving to a new area and being an outcast among my peers and trying to find friends.
             The first time I really felt like an outsider was when I moved to Kansas. My dad lived in Iowa during his childhood. But when he joined the military he got transferred to Missouri and worked in the Air Force at Whiteman Air Force Base for twelve years. My Dad put in a request to be transferred to Kansas because he liked the area and so he could be closer to family when he retired. I had lived in Missouri for all my life, ten years at the time, so I had a lot of friends and knew almost everyone in my neighborhood. But I left all that behind me when I moved to Kansas in the summer of 2006. .
             Most of my Mom's family lives in Kansas so while we were looking for a house we stayed at my grandma's house. She lives in El Dorado but we were looking for houses in the Derby or Wichita area, so every day we looked at houses we had to drive forty-five minutes to Derby and forty-five minutes back. My parents finally found a house in Derby that was a lot bigger and nicer than our old house in Missouri. I was excited to live in a new place until school started. .
             I had a lot of friends at my old school, but in Kansas I didn't have any friends. So during school everybody in class knew somebody else in class except me. Also when I was younger I was kind of shy so it was even harder for me to make new friends. During the first month or so I would sit in class quietly, I would sit at lunch alone, and I wouldn't go outside to play on the playground.

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