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The Outsiders

             There is always been some problems such as fighting, stealing, doing drugs, dropping out of school and youth violence between the teenage gang, and it's never been solved. The book of "The Outsiders" is taught in school for students to learn the diversity between different groups, it teaches true friendship & family love, and the book tells the negatives of dropping out of school. .
             First of all, the book teaches people to accept each other no matter how different they are. Then the book explains the diversity of different groups. It teaches the reader that even though the Socs & Greasers are different, they can get along. For example, Ponyboy and Cherry are in two different groups, but they became friends after they met. Also, this book makes people think that no matter how different the groups are, they will always see the same sunset. As the book progresses, it shows the Socs are richer, and living in a "fancy world", but the Greasers could live happily without being so rich. .
             The second reason that the "The Outsiders" should be taught in school is that the book teaches you the true friendship and family love between people. The Greasers is family to each other when their own family is not there for them. They support each other, provide each other, and best of all, they love each other. Like Johnny and Ponyboy; Johnny killed Bob to save Pony's life, but he never thought about what kind of trouble he is getting into. In the book, Darry had given up so much things he like to do for Soda and Pony. He worked hard to take care and support them, but he never say that he loves them, he just show his love to them in a different way. .
             In addition to the last two reasons, this reason tells the students the negatives of dropping out of school. For example, Soda is not willing to learn any more knowledge and skills after he dropped out, he won't be good educated neither. This book teaches the students that in life time people will make a lot more less money, and they can't afford a good living without a good education.

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