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The Outsider

             The Outsiders takes place in a rough city that consists of two sections. The upper half was the "soc" territory or the rich socialites. The lower half was the poor, bad part of town or "Greaser" territory. The author wanted to show that these groups of boys were bad and "tuff." The entire "Greaser" wore long hair, jeans, old T-shirts, and leather jackets. The "Socs" wore kaki pants, and jackets. The Outsider moved around a young murderer Johnny. He had to kill a "Socs" 's member in order to save Pony. After that, he and Pony hid in a church and when it was burned, Johnny died to save the kids inside. After his death, Dally a "Greaser" killed himself. And all members of the gang wanted to restart and live a new life, but they cannot.
             I think the theme of this book is that a person cannot judge people by how they are dressed, where they are from, or by their friends just like we can not judge a book by its" cover. The setting in the story was the mod of a fourteen year olds boy who has just lost both parents. His mood was so unstable because of his family, the gang, and the "Socs". He do not know why were two gangs were fighting each other, but he followed because his gang fight "Socs".
             The protagonist in this story is Ponyboy. He is also the boy who told us the story about his gang. There were several conflicts in this book, but the main one was Ponyboy's struggle with life. His brother was really overworked. Therefore, he took his stress out on Ponyboy. In the end Ponyboy had to face the death of two members of his gang. The main secondary characters were the other members of the gang. Johnny was the "pet" of the gang. Dally was the "tuff," troublemaker. Two-Bit was the master mind thief and sneak. Ponyboy's sixteen-year-old brother- named Sodapop. Steve was an expert with cars. Darrell was Pony's twenty-four year old brother. Cherry and Randy were secondary characters also. They were "Socs" 's member who were friends of the gang.

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