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Reaction Paper - The Core

            The Core is a science-fiction and somehow apocalyptic film that shows how the world encounters a disastrous dilemma because the Earth's core stops rotating and loses its electromagnetic field. The Earth becomes vulnerable and tremendous disasters appear all over the world. Birds lose their ability to navigate, direct rays from the sun, electrical super storm and many more takes place when the Earth's core stops spinning. The only way to save the Earth and the people is to drill down to the core, release series of nuclear explosions and set it spinning again. A group of scientists build a ship that can overcome extreme heat in the core and accommodate them in their mission. After a lot of struggles and mishaps, losing some of their co-scientists, their mission was a success and the Earth is back to what it should be.
             The Core is a sci-fi movie which means, it can be plausible or not, in this movie, I can say that it is fundamentally impossible but they make me believe that impossible can be possible. It is tricky yet its concept was well-explained in the movie. It is also an adventure with the usual thrills but with the touch of knowledgeable and more sober twist. I also acquired further learning about Earth and different scientific concepts even though sometimes, I admit that it is hard to fully accept it given that I do not have sufficient knowledge about it. I give props to those who create the scientific ideas, like the laser, the vehicle and suits that can withstand the extreme heat in the core, because it is something that I did not expect and it is refreshing in some way. The movie unfolds what science can do that hardly makes sense and allows the imagination of the audience to work and stretch. This movie makes me imagine what does the core really looks like and left me wondering what could truly be inside the Earth. In some part, scientific flaws are blatantly obvious. Example is when the people experienced sudden heat in the Golden Gate Bridge, the bridge started to melt yet the roof of the car still stay the same which should be melted easily.

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