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Working for a Living

            Now days most of the people have to work to their daily life. However no all the jobs are as nice as we would like to. The issue about have to work no matter the situation make things complicate in our life. Although not always we get what we want, we can take the positive of it. Work for a living have challenges and rewards which include many things. .
             After a long time looking for a part time job I've found one. I got hired at mc Donald's as cashier to work three days a week after school with a salary of $8 p/h. At the beginning my boss was really nice with me. Maybe he was nice with me because I was new, and, he didn't want to scare me. After two weeks I was all set with the training. I was in love with my job. The people who worked there were very nice with me. Additionally the best of that was that I was getting pay weekly. In fact I was enjoying the job where I was able to see new people almost every day and getting pay for it. .
             After two months working at mc Donald's things started to change. First my boss start to change my schedule by adding new days and hours which I wasn't able to work. Second every time the business was slow he was mad like it was the employees fault. After I learned how work really well as a cashier they transfer me to be in the drive thru passing the food to the customers. However it wasn't the best for me, because my boss was always rushing me to pass the food really fast. I was starting to be afraid of him, I didn't even wanted to work the days that he was working because he made me nerves. I used to do many things wrong because of him. I wasn't feeling comfortable at that job anymore. By the time I wasn't just working at the drive thru I had to be cleaning, preparing drinks and even taking orders at the front everything at the same time that job was just becoming like hell. In conclusion work a lot for t a really low salary.
             I only had three months working there and I just wanted to quit.

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