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Narrative of My Mother

            When my teacher assigned this essay to me, the first person that popped into my mind was my mum. There are memories I fondly retain about us, but that was only between us. However, I'm going to sweep you in a wave of nostalgia as I tell you my story – between my mum and I. My mum is a beautiful person inside out but there are times were I would doubt myself about this statement. We have fights, we have our arguments but we sure get over them as fast as lightning. My mom was born and raised in a humble background, with only her mother supporting her financially and without any moral support from any of her family members. And that explains the reasons behind her being so thrifty all her spending's. She rarely spends money and only does when it is deemed to be essential to her so we always have control on our expenses. .
             To me, my mum is the most caring person in the world. Even though her mother did not provide her with the best opportunities, she still loved her mother the same. When we go for trips and holidays, she would be the one taking care my grandmother. Due to old age, she couldn't walk fast. So, my mother would occasionally carry my mom despite her being lighter. Also, all holidays we go for overseas would be sponsored fully by my mother.
             To me, my mum is the most genuine person in the world. I like how she's always honest with me. No, she isn't the type to praise me, nor is she the type that would give me many generous comments on my achievements. I remember topping my cohort once, and all she said was: 'Good job." Undeniably, I was disappointed and sad. However, throughout these years, I came to realize that my mum had been doing this because she graduated as a first honors class student and she will only realize accomplishments that are bigger and better. So, I know when my mother praises me for something I did, I know, deep down in my heart, I did a great job.

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