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Cherries by Lucien Stryk

            "Cherries," a short poem with many different meanings, is written by Lucien Stryk whom is known for his own poetry and translations of Japanese poetry. Stryk's poetry shows diverse topics, politics, and themes about humanity very frequently in his poems (Stryk 427). "Cherries," follows this pattern as it seems to talk and show an idea about how people act around the world. "Cherries" also brings into light some social problems through the mentality of the speaker.
             "Cherries" can symbolize to me the course of life, the ending and the beginning. In the poem Stryk finds ways to express many different themes through his usage of the word cherries. Since cherries are red, they can represent the passion, the anger, the desire, and the danger. "One by one I lift them to my mouth, slowly break their skin," this line refers to choosing only the best and rejecting anything else (Stryk, line 9). That theme is representative of the greed many people in the world face. Needing to have the absolute best is never a true necessity, however it seems that in the world people often think it is. There are a lot of different thoughts that confirm what Stryk is trying to say about cherries. The word on title, "Cherries," is not necessarily a static image.
             The speaker is very strong and delivers emotion with his words. Greed is the biggest feeling he expresses. Despite being aware of the suffering of others, he cannot share with them his bag of cherries. He says he has more than enough, but his hunger for more is an addiction. His gluttony to the plight of others is the result of his greed. His actions provide a destructive nature that has an effect in all levels of society. His action shows how cheap he can find his happiness, at the expense of others (Stryk, line 1-2). Stating that his happiness must last forever, (Stryk, line 19), Stryk ensures that the actions of the speaker's own selfish greed will be permanent.

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