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Movie Summary - The Blind Side

             Michael Oher, a black child had an unfortunate childhood. As a black child, he is very easy to have the kind of most commonly encountered that even 7 years old, was also forcibly deprived of their mother's custody since became orphans. He had been plurality of family adoption, but because of injuries he suffered, he ran away from home every time. Eventually, when he was homeless, he met a kind-hearted white family. Hostess Anne Tuohy took him in. Finally, Michael discovers his athleticism and became a football player, and eventually has one of their own completely different lives.
             Responsible 1.
             I was surprised to understand Mrs Tuohy's character. She was a kind woman, when Michael had no home and no one could take care of him in a cool, wet night, Mrs Tuohy took him home and gradually makes him a part of her family. She does not show her sympathy to poor Michael, and it is a right thing to do. With the first training, Michael despite big burly, but because of his lack of experience of poor response, led team time and time again him to re-start. I still remember what Mrs Tuohy said 'Team is a family; quarterback is the head of the family, running back is to bear the weight of a small team of brothers. As a tackle, not only to protect the mother, but also to open for his little brother, this is the position of basic lies.' While Mrs Tuohy observed Michael's action, she didn't say he was stupid. However she also encouraged him, told he how to do, how to play the ball game. Mrs Tuohy takes care of Michael just like her son. See here remind me of my teacher Mrs Cui in Shanghai. Cui is a kind person too. In life, she always tells us 'If you give a hand for who need help, you will receive great rewards.' There was really a lot of problems with my studies, Cui always gave me her hand, and told me the correct way to go. She will not laugh at us. She was a teacher, but more like my mother.

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