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Novel Summary - Matchstick Men

            In the book, "Matchstick Men," Eric Garcia takes us in the life of Roy, who is a middle age man and suffers from the obsessive compulsive disorder. Roy lives a secluded life until he finds out about his daughter Angela, who opens up another side of Roy, Angela is Roy's reason for wanting to live an honest life and not be a con-artist anymore, but before getting out of his profession he is convinced to do one last score. Unfortunately, for Roy, he becomes the pawn in his own game.
             Roy is a phobic drifter who along with his partner Frankie makes an independent living off of coning easy targets out of their money. Finding her in the phone book, Frankie and Roy goal is newly widow, Ms.Isaacson. The two men pose as roofers knowing Ms.Isaacson recently lost her husband; they falsely inform her that Mr.Isaacson set the appointment up, Frankie alleges " We were just hired by him to do some work for the house-there was a roof problem" (18). Roy takes on the gentler role tilting his hat and giving her excessive compliments," He didn't tell me he had such a pretty wife" (17). With their charms and talent, the two were able to graft a twelve-hundred-dollar deposit from the vulnerable widow ensuring her that they'll return.
             The next few weeks had been difficult for Roy, his usual doctor who prescribes his medication moved away, not having his aid puts Roy on the edge, Garcia addresses "It used to be that it didn't bother him at all, these things Frankie did, these little personality quirks. The casual disregard for tidiness. The flashy clothes. The loud music. Used to be that they were endearing, or they were tolerable. Last few weeks since the doctor moved away, it's been different" (15). Ignoring Frankies calls, Roy spent the next few days in his home alone, keeping his house spotless, without his medication Roys condition only seems to worsen. Roy didn't feel up to his usual routine; he was not concerned with his next score all he wanted was his antidote.

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