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Hamlet Summaries

             Characters: Ghost, Heratio, Marcellus.
             Setting: Ramparts of kings castle in Elsinore (MIDNIGHT TO DAWN).
             One cold winter night, Bernardo, an officer comes to relieve the watchman Francisco. They both acknowledge that they are both watchmen, then Francisco thanks Bernardo for relieving him because he is cold and tired from the many hours of guarding the castle. Soon after, another watchman named Marcellus joins Bernardo and also Heratio, who is a friend of the prince Hamlet. Bernardo and Marcellus want Heratio to stay on guard with them because they feel that they have something shocking to show him, the ghost of the recently passed away King Hamlet. Heratio was skeptical at first but then the ghost suddenly appears and then disappears without saying a word. Heratio acknowledged that the ghost figure did resemble the deceased King Hamlet.
             ACT 1 SCENE 2.
             Characters: King, Queen, Hamlet, Polonius, Laertes, Voltimana, Cornelius, Heratio, Bernardo, Marcellus, Lord, Attendant.
             Setting: A public state room in the castle.
             The next morning, after Heratio and the guardsmen see the ghost, King Claudius announces his marriage to Gertrude. Claudius turns to Laertes, who is the son of Polonius and Laertes states that he wants to go back to France. Polonius allows him. Hamlet shows that he still mourns his father's death, king Claudius tells Hamlet to look at him as a father. Hamlet wants to die, and he wished that suicide was not a sin. Heratio and the guardsmen inform Hamlet of the ghost they had saw the night before and Hamlet agrees to watch with them tonight in hope of talking to this ghost.
             ACT 1 SCENE 3.
             Characters: Polonius, Ophelia, Laertes.
             Setting: Polonius's house, a public room.
             Summary: .
             Laertes prepares to leave for France. He says goodbye to his sister Opehlia and warns her about falling in love with Hamlet because he thinks that Hamlet is too old for him to truly love her.

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