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             Hamlet is categorized as one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Hamlet the Prince of Denmark is a complicated character that must deal with many issues in the play. The play is set in Denmark in the 16th century. Hamlet's late father the King of Denmark had mysteriously died in his court yard of the Elsinore Castle, now Claudius the kings brother has taken over the throne as King, and has married Hamlet's mother Gertrude. Horatio a friend of Hamlet tells Hamlet that he is afraid because he thinks he has seen a ghost who resembles the late King. .
             King Claudius and his lord Chamberlain Polonius are dealing with royal affairs because he is now in power and is enjoying his new life. Laertes, the son of Polonius has returned home to Denmark to pay his respects and to celebrate the King's newly appointed position. Hamlet wants to return to college, but Claudius urges him not to go and tells him to stop morning for his father. Hamlet resents his stepfather and mother and their incestuous marriage. Horatio tells the prince about the ghost he has seen, but Hamlet says he won't believe it until he sees it himself. .
             After Hamlet's strange visit with Ophelia, who is Laertes daughter she tells her father that Hamlet is in love with her, because she is scared of his strange behavior. Polonius and Laertes warn her about the prince who seems to be mentally unbalanced. .
             The Ghost of Hamlet's father appears in front of Hamlet. The ghost is in fact Hamlet's late father. The ghost tells Hamlet that Claudius poured poison into his ear, which killed him while he was asleep. The Ghost tells Hamlet that revenge is needed, but that it's important that he stays conscious of his actions. Hamlet is told not to harm the Queen, because she had nothing to do with it. Hamlet swears his friends Horatio and Marcellus to secrecy about the ghost and what they've seen. He tells them that he's going to pretend to be crazy while he plans his revenge towards Claudius.

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