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             In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, there is a theme of revenge. Revenge is an emotionally driven act. Revenge will cause one to act through anger instead of acting through reason. Its foundation is on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Hamlet feeds off the death of his father to seek revenge. Hamlet's revenge was one of personal revenge. .
             Hamlet's father, the king, died and his Uncle Claudius married his mother, Gertrude. The marriage took place during the mourning period and raised questions in Hamlet's mind about the death of his father. Hamlet had his suspicions but he had no proof that his uncle was responsible for his father's death. " The serpent that did sting thy father's life now wears his crown,"(I.v.38-39). Then the apparition of his father appeared. The ghost told young Hamlet that Claudius poisoned him. He said that Claudius has poured poison in his ear while he was sleeping. The ghost told Hamlet to seek revenge for his death.
             Hamlet was the heir to the throne. After his father's death, he was to receive the crown. Hamlet loses the right to the crown after his mother's marriage to Claudius. Claudius gained the crown and the kingdom. This was the motive for Claudius to murder the king and a foundation for Hamlet's revenge. Claudius stole what was rightfully Hamlet's.
             Hamlet behavior was erratic. Polonius reports to Claudius and Gertrude that Hamlet's lunacy is the due to the rejection of his daughter, Ophelia. Polonius claims that he made Ophelia break off her relationship with Hamlet due to his noble birth. Polonius claims that Hamlet became depressed after Ophelia broke up with him. Claudius is not convinced that this is the reason for Hamlet's behavior and decides to have his friends spy on him.
             Claudius convinced two of Hamlet school friends, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, to spy on him. Hamlet quickly sees through their charade. Hamlet questions their motive and asks if they were sent.

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