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            Hamlet is a play written by William Shakespeare that very closely follows the dramatic conventions of revenge in Elizabethan theater. Hamlet concerns the murder of the King of Denmark and the murdered king's son's quest for revenge. The old king Hamlet is murder by Claudius and therefore Hamlet must take his revenge. There are many reasons to explain why doesn't he-can't he-won't he kills Claudius and take revenge upon his father. Hamlet encounters numerous opportunities to kill Claudius, yet he always comes up with some excuse preventing action. Throughout the play we see many different aspects of Hamlet's personality by observing his actions and responses to certain situations. Hamlet takes on the role of a strong character, but through his internal weaknesses we witness his destruction. .
             First and foremost, after first hearing of the crime from his father's ghost, Hamlet immediately sets out to takes action. He believes that the ghost is telling him the true. He says: "It is an honest ghost- that let me tell you."(1, 5, 154) Hamlet then begins to think that perhaps his father's ghost was conjured by the devil in an attempt to make Hamlet becomes irrational and kill Claudius. Hamlet begins to doubt the ghost. Hamlet is unsure whether or not that his uncle Claudius is responsible for his father's murder. He then thinks up the Murder of Gonzago to verify the truthfulness of the ghost and also to allow himself more time to think. Hamlet says: If his occulted guilt.
             Do not itself unkennel in one speech,.
             It is a damned ghost that we have seen,.
             And my imaginations are as foul.
             As Vulcan's stithy. (3, 2, 85-89).
             When the ghost says that the old king Hamlet is murdered by Claudius, Hamlet is acting that he already knew who the murderer is by saying "O my prophetic soul! My uncle!"(1, 5, 48) At that moment Hamlet does not doubt the ghost, and he sets out to avenge his father's death, yet he takes no action.

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