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             Hamlet is a young man who's father dies and his life is turned upside down. His thoughts are consumed by suicide but he throws that idea out because he has love revenge and friendship to live for. These things are keeping him alive even thought all that he is going through is causing him so much pain and suffering. Hamlet expressed his desire to commit suicide in his soliloquy. Hamlet has a tendency to say that he is going to do something but he never ends up doing it. Suicide is one of those things. Hamlet speaks these words in response to his fathers death, his mothers remarriage to his uncle, and the rest of his life. He is pretending to be insane because Ophelia will not love him anymore. His friends are betraying him and working against him and all this forces him to have thoughts of suicide. He says his soliloquy after everything has gotten too unbearable. .
             Prior to this soliloquy hamlet lost his father and his mother married his uncle. Hamlet is trying to figure out if he should commit suicide or not. The soliloquy as a whole deals with death and Hamlets contemplation of suicide. Hamlets" soliloquy is a battle against himself. Is it better to deal with all the misfortunes and pain in his life or should he just end it? Should he detach himself from all human aspects and affairs and just live in peace? Most people stay alive and deal with all the unhappiness of life but Hamlet doesn't want to do that anymore. Hamlet is battling his conscience. His conscience is making him a coward, because he can't go forward with his plans because of it. Hamlet is trying to figure out if he should accept what has recently occurred in his life or just end his life. He views death as a positive thing. If he dies he will end all the negative things in his life. So he accepts death and even looks forward to it. But he also realizes that he does not know what is after this life, it could be worse it could be better.

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