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Rewriting the Texas Constitution

            Constitutions help establish boundaries of government and keep the nations and states they are written for together. The Texas Constitution is a long and complex document and is actually the sixth constitution of the state of Texas. It was written post-Civil War with provisions to reflect the changing climate of the nation having to do with politics and especially slavery. However, the Texas Constitution is now outdated and piece of history, needing to be rewritten for twenty- first century ideals.
             The function of a Constitution is generally providing for and limiting the powers of the government, establishing a legal system, and outlining the rights of citizens in a nation or state (Gomez). The United States Constitution provides the modern model for the proper function of constitutions. It was ratified in 1788. These principles are reflected in the Texas Constitution as well. For instance, limited government is well enumerated in the Texas Constitution, but it is not as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution (Gomez). This means that government is more limited in Texas, or at least is defined in the writing of the constitution as being more limited. Also, in Texas, the laws are statutory, whereas in the U.S., they are more fundamental (Gomez). For citizens rights, there is a bill of rights outlined in Article I of the Texas Constitution (Gomez). The bill of rights in the U.S. Constitution is the first ten amendments to the constitution. The constitutional principle that is least reflected in the Texas Constitution is establishing a legal system for government (Maltz). Even though Texas does have a judicial system outlined, it is not talked about nearly as much as it is in the U.S. Constitution. The constitutional principles are also relevant in modern Texas politics, especially where state education is concerned (Casey). For instance the Board of Education helps limit the state government by providing an extra level between local school districts and the state government as far as establishing money allocation for education.

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