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My First Sparring Match

             The scars of rancor and remorse portrayed a modern-day warrior with pendulous eyelids of old age like the benign look of a father. The bell rings; it's time to start. Hands up, elbows in, eyes locked just like coach taught me, yet I feel unprepared for my first sparring match. My eyes are fierce, alert towards the tall challenger, as I began dancing around with my shadow. My opponents huge but his brain is small. At first he seems unapproachable as my jabs are blockaded and sometimes matched but he didn't even have to try to mask his agitation, for the few sharp jabs that pierced his guard literally just make him blink. I'm losing confidence as I sit down on my punches and watch as they do nothing but spur and whip his tired mind into action like a wake-up call.
             ​He raised a silencing hand in front of my face to catch and parry my jabs as I began noticing this single punch I practiced a thousand times was finally taking a toll on his nose. The angry blood burned in his face with an artificial smile of languor that he kept glued to his face just to remind me that his reputation will not be withered. I kept a careful appraising eye for the right time to cast a burlesque feint of evading a blow. He was very familiar with his power but there's only one way to test how much exact power each sparring partner can take, so instead of just beating your sparring partner mercilessly, you are working with him by matching his skill to allow him to better himself. However I suffered agonies of hesitation when my face caught the full strength of his rising fist. The first solid blow that cracked my confidence and my smile left a brief flash of white as I fell abruptly into stern lines. It's considered a flash knock down when a boxer rises up back to his normal state within the early 10 second count but it's mostly foolish to reject the rest of the count from the ref , for in boxing every second counts.

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